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2004- Ride #9: 19.4 miles, 218.5 total.

June 27, 2004

Carlisle, Concord, Acton & Chelmsford again.


Observation Log 6/20/04

June 20, 2004

Solstice Day, and a few more firsts.


Ray Charles 1930-2004.

June 17, 2004

A great man is gone.

I’ll miss you, Ray.

More pictures (even a movie) of the Venus transit across the Sun 6/8/04.

June 17, 2004

Venus transits the SunMany, many people posted pictures, some of them quite unusual and striking.

Anacortes Telescope & Wild Bird Photo Gallery has a lot of transit pictures from amateurs, many of them excellent. I like this one of a plane crossing the Sun during the transit. has an excellent thread in their forum with many great pictures. I especially like the post by the forum admin describing his experiences, and showing his picture and his excellent (27MB) movie. Of course, I’m not at all influenced by the fact that I was observing next to him that morning, and that you can hear me as I excitedly notice the Venusian atmosphere as the planet exited the Sun’s disc. Another favorite post in that thread has several unusual pictures, the coolest of which shows the silhouette of people climbing the bridge in Sydney, Australia and looking at the transit. Venus transits the Sun The TRACE satellite recorded the entire transit. Their site served 131 gigabytes of data that day! It is a great site. Check it out.

Finally, the European Southern Observatory has a great site all about the Venus transit. I especially like the explanation of how to calculate the Earth-Sun distance from a transit. Finally, the most remarkable photo I’ve seen is this shot of the International Space Station transiting the Sun at the same time as Venus! Read more about it here.

Where has Steve been?

June 16, 2004

On my back, not having fun.


Heavenly bodies I want to see (updated 8/25/04)

June 10, 2004

I’ll update this every so often.


Observation Log 6/8/04 – The Transit of Venus!

June 8, 2004

Venus transits the SunYes, it’s (deep announcer voice)The Transit Of Venus… with a twist (image by SLOOH, Michael Paolucci)