A new addition to the family!

PowerBook G4 A shiny new 15″ G4 PowerBook moves in.

I’m writing this first blog entry on my new PowerBook, a 15″, 1GB RAM, 80G hard drive, 1.5GHz G4 beauty of a machine. It took me most of yesterday to get it all set up just the way I like it, but I am completely delighted with my new toy. I am upgrading from a 600MHz G3 iBook (link goes to the new G4 iBook) which served me well for a couple of years, but which lacked a writable optical drive, and was starting to feel a bit slow. I wanted to run GarageBand for instance, but that requires a PowerPC G4 processor.

iLife is good!

Update 2/20/08– Almost 4 years later, and I’m still editing this blog on the same machine.

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