2004- Ride #4: 19.4 miles, 88.5 total.

Dad and I take our first ride this year through Carlisle and Concord MA.

This was Dad’s first ride since a 50-miler last September, so we took it easy. Still, our average speed was my highest YTD. We both felt great. The weather was threatening rain all day, with dark clouds rolling through quickly. Carlisle and Concord are beautiful, and they are a popular destination for cyclists. We ran into at least 50 other cyclists, many of whom waved or said Hi. It was really run to ride with Dad, as always.

It should rain tomorrow, so Tuesday will likely be my next ride. I should pass 100 miles in 2004 that day!

Today’s Stoopid Stuff Stuck In My Head During The Ride was Tico Tico No Fuba (iTunes for Mac or Windows required for the link), a pleasant, frenetic little salsa number. That and an inexplicable, X-rated British spoof of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” which I really wished would go away.

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