2004- Ride #2: 22.8 miles, 40.5 total.

Another ride of extremes.

Today was too beautiful a day to miss my ride. So, tired or not, I got out on the road, and as usual, was glad I did.

Two people were very nice. One, and old, dear friend whom I haven’t seen in years, was overtaking me in her car. I heard the car slow, and heard a familiar voice: “I thought that was you!” We had to say “Hi” quickly because of the traffic behind her. That put a smile on my face. A bit later, a white-haired man walking in his yard hollered, “Nice bike!” I responded with my usual, hearty, “Thank you!” and continued on. The other extreme was a crazy driver who cut me off, running a stop sign and taking a 90° right turn at 25mph or more. Had I been daydreaming, or 20 feet farther ahead, it could have been trouble, (Warning: sarcasm ahead) It is amazing how some people can’t afford to waste a second or two of their busy lives to, oh I don’t know, not kill someone or something. (O.K. folks, move along, there’s nothing to see here.)

Anyway, I’d forgotten how nice the outdoors smells. It’s early yet, so mainly I enjoyed burning leaves, and that earthy Spring aroma, like the ground is waking back up. Also, I must bring my camera to snap the progress of the corn throughout the summer. It is really something.

Finally, I felt good finishing this time. It was a few miles longer than my first ride, but I felt like I was starting to pedal circles again, though with a lot of concentration. I’m not nearly as wiped out as I was after Ride #1. No leg spasms! Although, I think I need to do some strength training. My heart got up to 184 BPM on Twin Tower #1 (the really steep one), and this in great-granny gear. But in general, I was keeping my cadence up throughout the ride, and staying in higher gears.

Oh, one other finally item: I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, and he said my blood pressure was great, and my weight hadn’t changed since last fall. The latter news was a nice surprise, and it means I’m starting the season lighter than I ever have. Since I’m starting at 211lbs, maybe I can actually get down to 180 this year! That would be amazing.

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