Where can I buy a copy of OS 9.x (or earlier)?

While Jaguar came with a copy of OS 9, Panther does not. Some customers with older hardware just want to upgrade to 7.6.1, or 8.1, or 9.x and stop there. Here’s where to find what you want.

There are a few places on the web that sell older Mac parts and operating systems.

HardcoreMac.com is a Yahoo-affiliated store that sells every major OS version from 7.5.3 to 10.3. The prices can be a bit high, but if you need a particular version that no one else carries, this may be the place to go. They also sell refurbished Macs, parts, and accessories.

Another company that sells older OSes is MegaMacs.com. I’ve never dealt with them, I’ve only heard of them. Caveat Emptor.

Finally, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, and have broadband and lots of free time, you may be able to download what you’re looking for directly from Apple. The documentation must also be downloaded, and the Mac OSes only go up to 8.1. Some are updates only (meaning you must have previous versions already installed, and some appear to be multi-part downloads that are intended to go onto floppy disks. Still, if you’re up for an adventure, this may be for you, since it is free.

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