SCT Collimation Tips.

My NexStar 8i Schmidt Cassegrain telescope doesn’t give really sharp planetary views unless I keep it carefully collimated. Here are a few very helpful links I’ve learned from.

Here is the excellent The Collimation Site. It’ll give you a clear idea of what collimation is, show you exactly how it affects your views, let you see how far out of collimation you can comfortably go, and of course, shows you how to get a scope adjusted as well as possible.

The site Collimation Guide for Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes provides some supplementary info, especially which adjustment screws to turn which way for what effect.

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One Comment on “SCT Collimation Tips.”

  1. […] like tonight, but it performed like a champ. After months of non-use, I found my scope needed collimation, and when I defocussed to get a look at the Airy Disk, I saw that the shield was obscuring some of […]

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