Where can I find new software? How do I keep track of third-party updates?

There are a few indispensable resources on the Internet for finding new software.

VersionTracker is an excellent resource for finding both software you need and can’t find, as well as keeping up-to-date with the software you already own. I often rely on it in-store when customers ask, “Do you of any software that does <insert function here>?” It’s easy to browse to VersionTracker, select the tab for the OS I’m interested in (VersionTracker tracks software for Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 and earlier, Windows, and Palm), and type in a search term.

If you are a .Mac member, you can get (as of this writing) a free, one-year subscription to VersionTracker Plus (a $24.95 value). This gives you access to more content, such as Editor’s Choices. My favorite VersionTracker Plus feature is the Watch List, in which I list all the software you I’m interested in, and VersionTracker sends me an email every time the software is updated. The email even includes easy links to get me right to the download page.

MacUpdate is a another site where you can search through thousands of Macintosh software titles. I’ve found many gems there, often free! MacUpdate was a free site with a free Watch List until earlier this year, and it was my favorite site of the two up until then. I still use it occasionally, mainly when I’m looking for new software. VersionTracker seems to have more titles on file than MacUpdate, but even so there are some titles that only MacUpdate has.

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