Create an “Email this Link” button in Safari

Ever find a cool page, want to email the URL to someone, and wish you could do it with one click? Guess what?

Have you ever been reading a fascinating web page with Safari, and wanted to send the URL to a friend so they could read it? Wouldn’t it be great if Safari had a button that opened your mail program, and did most of the work for you? Well, I found one. To install it in your copy of Safari, click and hold the “Email Link” link below, and drag it to your Bookmark bar. Drop it on the Bookmark bar where you want it to be. Give it a try, if you like. Aren’t Macs amazing?

Email Link

Credit for this tip goes to the excellent Mac OS X Hints site. Check it out to see how you can use this tip as a hotkey.

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One Comment on “Create an “Email this Link” button in Safari”

  1. […] you liked the “Email this Link” bookmark trick, here’s a whole page of them, thanks to Apple. You’ll find […]

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