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tivo.gifThis could change your life. It did mine.

Speaking of toys, have you heard of TiVo, or a Digital Video Recorder? I have one, it is by far the best purchase I have made in many years. My TiVo has vastly improved my enjoyment of television. A TiVo is hard to explain, but I’ll try. It?s like a ?TV butler? that knows what I like to watch, from specific shows I don?t want to miss, to movies that I?d like to see if they are ever shown, to broad categories of shows I might like to see but have never thought of. My TiVo knows every show that is broadcast, and records all the shows it knows I want to see or just might like to see.

So, my TiVo always has a lot of interesting television for me to watch, and I can easily skip all the commercials. And I don?t have to worry about being in front of the TV when good shows are on. I watch what I want whenever I want to. And it does many more things, like record two shows simultaneously while I watch yet another recorded show!

Anyway, you can learn about TiVo at Also, there is large group of enthusiastic TiVo fans who talk about their TiVos at

Update 2/2008– I now have 4 TiVos, and three others that I’ve outgrown. My main TiVos are two Series 3 High-Definition units, connected to my cable and a 50″ HD set. Life is very good!

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