Steve’s Links- Family & Friends

Some of my friends and family have names, faces,
and websites!

is my oldest friend Mike. Oldest in the sense that we go back to 5th
grade, not oldest as in most aged. Anyway, this is Mike doing some hiking
while visiting his wife Josline’s family in Uganda. I like this
picture–it is Mike doing what he likes to do (although Nyaruyaga is a bit
hillier than he would like!).

Mike had
a web site for his ChaoSymmaging program, which creates really cool images based
on underlying symmetries in chaos theory, and which can be used for desktop
patterns, web page backgrounds, or what have you. Hopefully his site will be
back some day soon. In the meantime, Mike and his wife Josline are very busy
raising their daughter Natasha.

is my friend Jim, relaxing in France. Jim will very likely be my
brother-in-law some day, but for the time being he and his wife Jill are my
friends. In any case, we all think of each other as family. Jim has
a cool web page about
himself, his family, and his many

is my friend Drew. He and Amy and Jan and I have traveled together, as you
have probably already seen from my pictures . Drew also took
pictures on our New
and Caribbean
trips, and in higher resolution than mine. Unlike my pictures, I am
actually in some of them! They are on, which requires a free
registration. See Drew’s home page here.

Family Easter at home
do have other friends (really!) and family, but so far they aren’t on the
web. So, Jan, Dad & Mom, Lorien & Jeff, Jackie & Brian, Diane
& Tom, Adrian, and anyone else I’ve missed, get with the program, and drop me a line so I can link to your

One final item from the olden
days: My high school class now has a web site, of sorts. A few old ones
have disappeared, but this one is current as of 5/2006. If you knew me
back when, or simply have an inexplicable curiosity, you can find it here. And please, email me and let me know how you’ve been!

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