Observation Log 3/30/04

canon10x30is.jpg3/40/04, 7:30PM-8:30PM. Canon 10×30 Image Stabilizing binoculars An enjoyable time just browsing around. My idea to try using Norton’s Atlas rather than Starry Night Pro didn’t work out. There are far fewer stars in the atlas than are visible through these binoculars. I was frustrated trying to look up interesting things I saw in the sky, and not being able to find them in the book. Plus, the Moon was washing out most all naked-eye viewing near zenith, and my glasses kept fogging up. It was 32°F out.

It is fascinating how many satellites soar overhead. I like finding them by accident. I happened upon five tonight, and in particular two that crossed paths such that I could see them both in my 6 degree field of view for about 10 seconds. Alas, neither Heavens Above nor Starry Night can tell me both of their names. One may have been the Okean 2 rocket body, but I think what I saw was too dim for that. Anyway, it was a treat.

Speaking of treats, purely by chance I spotted the ISS rising out of the WNW. I got the binoculars on it and watched for a few moments, when it went behind a tree. A walked into the clear, and looked again, but it was gone. It turns out it flew into the sunset at 37° altitude. That would have been amazing to see through the binos, with the white fading to a deep red. There will be other chances.

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