StarFinder™ 532nm Green Laser Pointer & Mount from

Green Laser Star Pointer
Whether on a scope or just pointing out stars in the sky, this is one sexy piece of equipment. sells a few models of green laser pointers, a push-on version and a push-on, push-off version. They project a bright green beam far into the sky (see this actual night photo). And for $88 shipped, they are a bargain. I haven’t yet attached it to my scope, but I have already used it to point out stars, planets and satellites to friends and family. Which is much easier than the old, “See that tree over there? No, the taller one. OK, from the very top of the tree, look three fist widths away in the 2 o’clock direction…”

Update 7-2007- I took a trip to California this month, and unfortunately United Airlines lost my large suitcase permanently. My Laser Star Pointer was in the suitcase because I didn’t want TSA to take it away. Now I have to buy a new one. ScopeStuff lists the laser with a push-on push-off button as “out of stock,” and that’s only if you know where the right page is. However, the price has dropped to $69!

Update 3-2009- Unfortunately, the StarFinder™ laser seems to be permanently out-of-stock. However, I found the Zhumell Green Astronomical Pointer at and ordered it. It is one of the rare pointers that has a push-on, push-off switch on the back of the laser, rather than the typical momentary-on switch on the side. If you’re using the laser to point a scope, the last thing you want is to be applying force to the side of the scope’s tube just to turn the laser on! It’s a legal device, like the StarFinder, having < 5mW output. Even so, I don’t think I’ll travel with this one. Losing the first one was enough.

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