Observation Log 2/27/04

2/27 5:00-6:00PM, N8i: *Excellent* daytime 7-day old
Moon views of Mare Serenitatis; Lunar Appennines & Caucausus mountains; Mare
Tranquilitatis, Apollo 11 landing site, Ritter & Sabine & tiny Moltke.
Albategnius & Klein; Hipparchus to the N; Horrocks, Agrippa & shadow
halfway across canyon floor & central peak; Godin; Aristillus &
Autolycus. Very unusual feature: four bright dots trailing off the southernmost
limb, as if into space. Fascinating pentagon of dots, like small pinnacles in a
crater (prob. in Heraclitus B, C, D etc. region). Sun is rising on Albategnius:
fascinating details seen in the shadows of the rim across the bottom of the
crater, and two large prominences on the rim between 9:00 & 6:00 positions.
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