Orion red LED flashlight

Orion red LED flashlightThis will enable me to see my books, read my eyepieces, and adjust the scope in the dark. At least, that was the plan.

It takes a long time for your eyes to fully adjust to the light. Red light doesn’t ruin your night vison as white light does, so many backyard astronomers get themselves a little LED flashlight like this one. The nice people at Rivers Camera suggested I get the Rigel Systems Skylight™ LED flashlight instead, but that one had both red and white/blue LEDs, and I was afraid of accidentally flashing white light into people’s eyes at star parties. This is not the way to make friends.

So, I opted for a red-only flashlight. The trouble was, I couldn’t operate it with my gloves on. It’s still pretty cold here in Southern New Hampshire, USA, and my hands were getting chapped taking the gloves off every time I needed to see something. Plus, there are times when I need both hands free, and this flashlight was difficult to hold with my teeth. So, back to the store it went.

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One Comment on “Orion red LED flashlight”

  1. […] flashlight cost the same as the first <a href=”Orion red LED flashlight“>one I took back. Not only can I easily use it with my winter gloves on, but it glows […]

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