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Rigel Systems Skylight LED flashlight.

February 27, 2004

Rigel Systems Skylight LED flashlightThis will replace my other night-vision flashlight. This one is glove-friendly!

This flashlight cost the same as the first one I took back. Not only can I easily use it with my winter gloves on, but it glows either red or white/blue depending on which way the large knob is turned. And it’s nice and bright. I needn’t have worried about accidentally ruining anyone’s night vision; the knob is on one side of the flashlight body, and hard to turn in the wrong direction by mistake. Highly recommended.

Observation Log 2/27/04

February 27, 2004


Observation Log 2/23/04

February 23, 2004

2/23/04, 7-8:30pm- Celestron NexStar 8i telescope. Goto working well. Attempted Moon & Venus, but the trees interfered. Orion Nebula! Molecular clouds obvious. Tried #80A filter on Saturn and Jupiter No noticeable difference, perhaps the magnification was too low for details.

Observation Log 2/22/04

February 22, 2004

2/22/04 9:30-11:10 pm: Used Celestron 25mm eyepiece, leveled tripod, set Goto to +/+, ended aligns w/Down & Right buttons. I chose Polaris & Rigel (opposite ends of sky). I used de-focussed rings to ease centering. GoTo performance spot-on for Saturn, Jupiter, & … Ceres!! Showed Saturn to Jan w/15mm, 9mm eyepieces. She liked it!

To do: for Jan, learn good filters for planets, show her Jupiter. Also figure out how to center at high power & keep tracking on & accurate. Question- does tracking stop after a goto RA/Dec? How to restore it? This was a problem for Ceres. Is it backlash?

Observation Log 2/20/04

February 20, 2004

2/20/04, 00:03-01:00: Cel 25mm. Leveled tripod before Auto-Align. GoTo accuracy still outside FOV. Readjusted finder- much better. Good seeing for 45 minutes, then high clouds. Collimation test looks good. Saw Saturn & Jupiter, split Mizar! Ceres was behind a tree. Saw Regulus, Arcturus. New moon soon.

Observation Log 2/18/04

February 18, 2004

2/18/04, 10:00-11:00pm; Celestron NexStar 8i first light! Betelgeuse, Sirius, Capella. Low & Hi power views of Saturn (clear rings, shadow, moons) & Jupiter (clear stripes, 4 moons. Only fair seeing, some clouds.

Orion red LED flashlight

February 17, 2004

Orion red LED flashlightThis will enable me to see my books, read my eyepieces, and adjust the scope in the dark. At least, that was the plan.