2003- 1050 miles: A strong start, but a virus takes its toll after August.

Forty-four rides, from February through August, then I couldn’t continue.

I’d learned my lesson from the year before, and after building a foundation, I started routine 40 and 50 miles rides. I wanted to ride at least 50 miles in the Tri-State Seacoast Century with Dad, and perhaps do an extra 25 miles after. Unfortunately I came down with a deep-down lung virus, and there was no way I could ride any of the Century. I even drove out, hoping I’d feel better when I got there, but it wasn’t to be. In fact I didn’t ride any more that year. My only recollection now was a lot of wet weather, and feeling exhausted as my body fought off the virus, which seemed to stay for months. I felt terrible when I’d get a sunny day, but all I could manage was a restless nap. And though I’d been acclimating myself to cold-weather riding (thanks to a thoughtful gift from Jan of winter bicycling clothes), I just couldn’t do it in 2003.

1050 is not shabby at all, and I was on a good pace for at least matching my 1500 mile mark, if not breaking it handily. But instead, I’m pinning my hopes on 2004. I’m still only working part-time, so if everything falls into place I could have a great year.

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