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Oberwerk 11×70 (non image-stabilized) astronomy binoculars.

November 21, 2003

Oberwerk 11x70 binoculars An economical way to gather a lot more light than 10×30 binoculars

First, the plusses: At $181 shipped from, the Oberwerk 11×50 binoculars are really nice binos at a great price. I learned about them from Todd Gross’ web site. Todd is a long-time TV meteorologist in Boston, MA, and an avid stargazer. His review of the Oberwerks helped me decide. They really do grab a lot more light, and at 11x, they are less susceptible to shaky hands than the higher-magnification 15x model.


Observation Log 11/17/03

November 17, 2003

It was time to start writing these down, so here goes…


We all give $595,000 to Linda Tripp for… invasion of her privacy?!?

November 4, 2003

Common Sense, after a long illness, finally succumbed today.