2000- Coming back, a little at a time: 400 miles…

my-first-bike-e-8-2000.jpg28 rides between May and October, and slowly feeling fitter…

2000 was a very busy year at work, but I stored my upright bike in my cubicle so I could get a quick 7 or 8 miles in during my lunch break. Dad and I only got out 7 times that year, and on our last outing Jan had an accident at Walden Pond in Concord, MA.

A corpulent sightseer looking the wrong way stepped right in front of her just as she was about to go by him. She screamed, but couldn’t maneuver around him. She literally bounced off the large man, tilted far left as she fell, and smacked her head on the centerline of the road. Her helmet was destroyed, but she was only shook up a bit, thank God. The tourist was mortified at what he’d done, but was thankfully unhurt.

In all the year was a good one, a slow step back into form, and one that reassured me I’d be able to ride again if I kept at it. It was heartening to see my strength and stamina return during the year.

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