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1997- The Year I Got Serious About Bicycling: approx 500 miles.

December 31, 1997

Dad and Steve before a rideWith some mentoring, inspiration, and great weather, I learn just how far I can go, and how gratifying that is.

Sure, I had a series of bikes as a kid. My favorite was the yellow, 5-speed Raleigh Chopper I paid for with my paper route money.

But as an adult, even with an avid road cyclist for a Dad, I was only an occasional rider. There were years I’d get out a bit more often than other years, but as a career software engineer with a sedentary, indoors life style, I was usually too out of shape to stick with it. I remember riding a single mile one day in my late twenties, and thinking I was going to die. In time Dad and I started getting on the road with more regularity, and my conditioning improved. But to be truthful, I mostly did it because I liked hanging out with Dad, doing something we could share.