My very first observational equipment…

Two good eyes. And Dad’s binoculars.

I’ve been looking up since Junior High. I’m fortunate that my science teacher at that time, Mrs. Kane, first encouraged me. I didn’t know any constellations other than Orion, and I didn’t know the Big Dipper was only an asterism. I wouldn’t find Polaris for many years (I thought it was supposed to be a lot brighter), but I had gotten the itch.

These days (in 2004), I have about 20-40 vision with astigmatism in both eyes. Throughout my teens, I had really wonderful vision, tested at 20-13. My acuity was even better–I could count something like thirteen stars in The Pleiades, and clearly see moons around Jupiter, all with the naked eye. Being young, I figured everyone could see that well. Silly me.

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